Below you will find our tips for mountain trips with the whole family
All those trips you can start from our hotel

  • Walk in the Marmots Valley: A walk with a stop at a place where you can rest and observe marmots
  • Walk along Lake Vernago: An amazing panoramic tour where we will cross a spectacular suspension bridge. There be also an opportunity to meet grateful and friendly Lamas
  • Walk to Marchegg and Wieshof: Two farms with buildings typical of the Val Senales region
  • Lagaun Valley Trip / Giogo Taschljöchl (2,765 m): Hike with spectacular views of the Kortscher Seen lakes and the Ötztal Alps and the mountains of the Ortles group
  • Trip to Berg Alm (2214 m): A trip through the ancient larch and pine forest will make you feel like you are in a fairy tale. On the top, you can eat well and stop for a glass of fine wine in the traditional Berg Alm hut
  • Trip to the Lazaun Hut (2427 m): The Lazaun Hut offers delicious dishes typical of our region. From the top you have a wonderful view of the snow-capped peaks of the Ötztal Alps. On the lazaun you can also see a plateau with beautiful flowers and a small lake
  • Finailhof Farm Tour (1973 m): It's a walk with amazing views. The Finailhof farm itself is a wonderful viewpoint over Lake Vernago. We also recommend trying some traditional Tyrolean dishes
  • Hike to 3,212 meters above sea level: A cable car ride to Grawand (3,212 meters above sea level) takes only 6 minutes. Next step is to go by an exciting descent along the glacier on the border with Austria. The next stop is the Bella Vista shelter (2842 m above sea level), where a delicious snack awaits us. Next it's straight down to Maso Corto
SummerCard 2021 (Ötzi 30 Edition

SummerCard 2021 (Ötzi 30 Edition)!!!